Profile: Alexander J. Rosado, DPT, CSCS


Alexander J. Rosado, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

From Alexander J. Rosado, DPT, CSCS:

Director of Rehabilitation at Bardonia Physical Therapy
As the owner of Bardonia Physical Therapy, my mission is to help our patients and the people of our community lead the lifestyle that they want, injury free and with no limitations to movement.

From the time I was 14 I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist – especially after watching Don Mattingly of the New York Yankees miss a good portion of the season due to a lower back injury in 1990.

Sports have played a huge role in my life. Growing up, I was a seasonal athlete. I played as many different sports as possible, from baseball and college tennis to martial arts and swimming. Currently I love playing golf. In fact, it’s what drove me to become a Certified Titleist Performance Institute medical professional.

As a physical therapist, I am able to help people move with less or no pain every single day. The most rewarding part of my job is getting to help other athletes recover from their injuries so that they can get back into the game. Whether it’s a lower back injury or ACL reconstruction surgery, Bardonia Physical Therapy is here to help you get back to your life.


  • Degree: Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Alma Mater: Long Island University – Brooklyn Campus
  • Certifications & Specialties: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Functional Movement Screen Certified, Titleist Performance Institute Medical Level 3, Titleist Performance Institute Junior Coach Level 2, Sports Medicine (Baseball and Golf)
Doctorate Achieved
Years in the Hudson Valley
Years at Bardonia PT