What to Expect

What to Expect

We will design a wellness plan specific to your treatment for you to incorporate in your daily life


Once you’ve registered as a patient we will schedule an appointment for a consultation. We’ll need you to fill out a few patient forms, so please arrive early. These forms will provide us with useful information about your health history and current injury or condition.


Your consultation appointment plays a crucial role in developing your treatment plan. During this time we will discuss every aspect of your injury – how your movement is limited, whether your injury prevents you from doing daily activities and how, what your goals are as a patient, and any other complaints or concerns you may have. Knowing this information will help us create the best treatment plan for your injury.


After your consultation we will do a full evaluation to assess your physical limitations, movement patterns, and pain levels. This will include testing your reflexes and flexibility, as well as other standard physical and postural tests.


When your examination is complete we will review our observations with you. During this time we will also discuss the treatment options best suited for your injuries. Once we have agreed on a treatment plan we will work with you to set expectations and goals.


Our first priority is pain relief. There are many different ways to treat your pain, including electrical stimulation, BioFreeze, and manual techniques. We will go over every option in full detail and discuss what might be the most successful method prior to treatment.

Corrective Exercises

Once the pain has either subsided or lessened considerably we will add corrective exercises to your treatment plan. During this phase the pain should stop completely. Our ultimate goal is to help you prevent future pain and injuries by correcting any movements that may be contributing to the root cause of your pain.

Wellness Plan

Before we discharge you, we will outline a wellness plan specific to your treatment for you to incorporate in your daily life outside of our offices. Your wellness plan will include stretches and exercises that will help you prevent future injuries from happening.